From the nursery to your garden


Our nursery

The D'Urso Antonio Giuseppe's nursery was born in 1995 in the heart of Puglia, in Villa Castelli (BR), exactly in the high Salento area.

The company works in an ancient "masseria" (typical stone building), realised in 1750 and extend in 700 mq with a extern lobby of 300 mq.

The building was used as storage and dormitory for workman who harvested olives and grapes in the neighborhood and pressed them, thank to "pallumiedd", typical cistern used for this job.

Agripiante is committed for years to join tradition and experience to provide the best products of our land, in all seasons and in a short time, advising and assisting with expertise all customers for the care and maintenance of the garden plants.

Nurserymen for two generations

All our production of plant of vegetable garden, fruit trees, herbs and flowers grows on 4.00 square metres of indoor and heated greenhouses split per category, each long 50 mt, wide 8 mt and high 4,50 mt. All stages of production take place in the company and are followed step by step by the owner Antonio Giuseppe, registered in the nurseries of the Puglia Region and its four daughters, Fabiana, Lilly, Emanuela and Chiara.

The first phase of planting is done through a roller seeder which provides the filling of hollow containers, at first with peat coming from Northern European countries: Norway, Germany and Holland, then with standard seed and hybrids, produced by specialized Italian and foreign seed companies, guaranteed and high quality.

After planting, the containers are brought in a germination room with temperatures ranging between 24 and 28 degrees and humidity at 95%. When the seed has germinated, the containers are placed in a greenhouse and watered through automatic and regular irrigation systems.

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